Get a Jump on Fundraising Early in the Season with FlipGive

The off-season.

That term makes some hockey moms laugh, because what is off-season really?

In theory it’s the time after the regular hockey season when players and families get a break from hockey, maybe switching to other sports, or *gasp, relaxing.

But Hockey Moms know better. The off-season is the time when we are revving up for next year. Some teams have already had tryouts and are getting geared up for their new teams, while others are planning fun spring/summer hockey tournaments, camps, or trips.

Or some are getting organized for teams in a different sport.

More often than not, you are already thinking of fundraising and putting together your plan to subsidize whatever team you are with or sport you are playing. If you get started early, there is less work to do in the fall.

Enter the easiest fundraiser I know, Flipgive.

Again this year Canadian Hockey Moms has partnered with FlipGive which promotes team fundraising made easy. You can earn cash for your hockey (or other sports team or association) when you shop, dine out, book activities, and more.

It is so easy, and through our partnership with FlipGive we have helped teams raise over $61,000, just by shopping for things you were going to buy anyways.

If you are going to spend money, might as well have a portion of it go back to the team, right?

Original photo by "In the Game" Action Photography

Here is how it works:

● Create an account for your team or association at https://flipgive.com/canadianhockeymoms

● Invite your managers, coaches, and parents

● Shop your favorite brands, like Amazon, Sport Chek, Walmart and more.

● Earn up to 25% cash back to offset the cost of your season.

It is literally that easy.

AND, if you start with FlipGive by May 31st, you will earn $50 when you spend $20.

Can't beat that!

If you are interested in earning more, learn more or sign up at https://flipgive.com/canadianhockeymoms

Comments or questions? Email me at contactus@canadianhockeymoms.ca or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

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