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The “Big Sandwich”

Prep time:

5 minutes

Total time:

5 minutes



A “big sandwich” is a hit when you want something relatively healthy, and that you can make ahead of time and transport.


Get a couple big loaves of bread (e.g. French Bread, Pumpernickle, etc).
Assorted cold cuts (I like to use three, usually turkey or chicken, ham, and a salami)
Cucumber cut in slices (you can also use alfalfa sprouts if your kids will eat them)
Sliced tomatoes
Grated cheese (use cheddar, or slices of swiss)
Italian dressing.


Slice loaves lengthwise down the middle (like a sub). Add Italian dressing to both top and bottom slices. Add at least one layer of each type of meat, then cucumbers, then tomato. Top with grated cheese, then pile on your top slice of break. Voila! Big Sandwich!

Cut rectangular loaves in large squares, round loaves can be cut in wedges and serve on a tray

If you are transporting the Big Sandwich in the car or to the arena, assemble the sandwich and place the whole thing back into the bread bag without cutting. Cut the sandwich prior to eating.

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