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Theresa Bailey

It took me a while to embrace the “Hockey Mom” label due to the bad rap Hockey Moms can get. You know what I’m talking about. Between the “lipstick/pitbull” jokes and all the stereotypes that are out there of Hockey Moms yelling at the refs and pushing our kids around, we are sometimes thought of as over-zealous and far too intense. But I knew better. Hockey Moms are smart, resilient, creative, tireless, compassionate and strong ladies. You have to be all of these things to keep up with a hockey schedule!

I have three hockey playing children (two boys and a girl) and I started Canadian Hockey Moms in February of 2010 during the Vancouver winter Olympics. I was in the middle of becoming immersed in my own children’s’ minor hockey career, and yes, encountering some “politics” along the way. Recognizing there was nothing out there to support hockey moms (and families) through probably the busiest time in their lives, I decided to use my community development skills to start talking to moms, taking questions, and sharing ideas. My goal was to reach moms in every province and territory in Canada, and we did it within our first two months. Though most of us are Canadian, we are also followed by moms internationally. By the way, I love our international friends, even during the Olympics! 😉

I'm a hockey mom

The Hockey Moms we engage with make me smile every day. There are some witty ladies out there! I love being able to connect moms with ideas and suggestions to each other, or share information that might make someone’s life easier. I also have a Master’s degree in Community Psychology, which definitely contributes to my passion for building engaged and engaging communities. In my spare time, I run a consulting company that focuses on research and evaluation, mainly in community and educational settings. You can check out that side of me at .

I’m always interested in working with new people, brands or organizations that can help hockey parents or players, hearing your questions, and sharing good information. You are always welcome to email me.

Be sure to join in on all the fun:

Until we meet in a rink…Happy Hockey!

   Theresa Bailey



Caught in the complexity of team politics; this hockey mom founded a community to help others.

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