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Can we fix hockey? Share your thoughts

Hockey Canada, and hockey in general is under intense scrutiny right now, and we all have thoughts about this.

In response to the scandals, Hockey Canada has written an Open Letter to Canadians, developed an Action Plan, and committed to a Governance Review and the Chair has resigned.

Hockey Canada has promised action, but one thing that hasn’t happened is players, parents, the people on the ground have not been asked about their experiences or opinions on what should happen next.

Our community gives me a different platform to share my thoughts than most.

Over the past five weeks I’ve been asked to do five separate interviews with CBC, three with Globe and Mail, and one with a Global affiliate.

The questions I’m repeatedly asked are:

1) Is there a problem with hockey culture? (yes)

2) Are parents afraid to speak up? (yes).

And then I'm asked for solutions.

I personally don’t think anything in the hockey culture will change unless people have a chance to say how they feel and provide suggestions that will work – which is pretty much verbatim what I have said in every interview.

Like you, I care, and also like you, I don’t want hockey to fizzle out, I want it to grow.

And I know that you have the solutions. It's people still in hockey, whether they are, players, bench staff, parents, volunteers, and fans in communities and associations across Canada that have the best solutions because they are the ones who both love the game and are impacted most by the BS right now. And, many of us have had experiences in businesses and organizations outside of hockey, and we know how things should operate.

So, we’ve decided to conduct a brief survey to ask how you are feeling and what you think the solutions are.

As someone trained in community research, this is right up my ally. I develop surveys all the time.

This is your chance to be honest about the challenges and also offer constructive suggestions for change.


We have some great sponsors joining us to help promote the survey, including FlipGive, who will donate a $100 gift certificate to the vendor of your choice,

You can also receive one of our “Hockey Moms: Heart of the Game” books when they become available October 18, or a two-hour virtual team building activity courtesy of Starfish Synergies Inc.

Your responses will be kept confidential, but we will publish a summary of the results, and your suggestions.

Take five minutes, have your say, and maybe win some stuff!

Happy filling, and good luck!

Comments or questions? Email or message us on our Facebook Page.

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