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Canadian Hockey Mom and Mosaic Outfitters Susan Elizabeth Sunhat Giveaway!

I love a summer Giveaway for Hockey Moms

This is my new favourite thing this summer.

And now, you can win one in our giveaway!

It’s the Susan Elizabeth hat, by Mosaic Outfitters.

Shireen and Aaron are personal friends of mine. I visited their beautiful storefront in Stratford, Ontario, and fell IN LOVE with this hat. I purchased the taupe one for myself and a blue one for my mom for Mother's Day. Every time I wear it (and I wear it often) someone sees it and orders one.

So it felt right to give one away to one of you and Shireen and Aaron agreed!

My hair is dark so gets very hot in the sun.

This handmade hat keeps me so cool.

Yes, all handmade right here in Canada!

And even when I throw it in the back of my car or pack it for an overnight getaway, it bounces right back into shape.

I love it.

From Aaron and Shireen:

The Susan Elizabeth Packable Sunhat was created in dedication to Susan Beals, one of our greatest supporters.

It is 100% handmade by our founder, Shireen Beals, and features a design for any occasion.

From fancy cocktails, to the beach, and everywhere in-between, this classy casual design will keep the sun off and keep you looking great. And it tucks away in any purse or bag without ever damaging its shape. Finished with our trademark button and tag. Made with 100% mercerized cotton.

Enter HERE then like or comment on the Facebook Post.

It’s super easy to enter our giveaway and takes two minutes. One winner will be selected and the giveaway will close at 11:59pm on Sunday, July 23.

Happy Summer!

Comments or Questions? Email or leave a message on our Facebook page.

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