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Hockey Mom Will Travel – But are you Insured?

If there is one thing that Hockey Moms do, it’s travel. We travel to tournaments and camps and play-off games. We travel to the town next door, and to the game five hours away. It’s what we do. Sometimes we even find ourselves travelling out of province or country for hockey, which can be fun, but can keep you on edge with the packing and organizing and making sure you have everything in place.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you are covered if something goes wrong?

I have.

I have found myself travelling on long, lonely, icy stretches of highway on my way to tournaments far away from home. One tournament in Michigan (6 hours from home) saw our families stuck in parking lot traffic on the 401 and dealing with Hwy 404 that was completely shut down due to accidents for most of the day. We all eventually made it safely, but it was a harrowing experience and one that left us shaken and thinking about what could have happened.

This year I’m both the president of a small association and the manager of my daughter’s team. Understanding liability from a board’s perspective, and just more knowledgeable about insurance at this point in general, I’m more concerned with making sure my family is covered every time we travel. I have found that RBC Insurance provides an easy option for getting a group quote and booking travel insurance – great for teams of all types.

To avoid headaches and outrageous expenses you should always ask yourself, “Do I have adequate travel insurance to cover emergencies?” Some people rely on credit card coverage, but it’s important to know what’s covered and what’s not so that your family and friends aren’t at risk. When you buy coverage with RBC Insurance for ten or more people on the same trip everyone in your party receives a discount, plus each person can choose from different coverage options to make sure they have the best coverage for their needs. Bonus: you can even take advantage of their free PATH travel mobile app to quickly locate clinics and hospitals, request emergency medical assistance, access travel information and advisories, and more.

Hockey Moms and Hockey Families travel. We are on the roads most of the year getting our players from rinks to hotels and back home again. We travel in teams. And we travel far. We organize and we pack and we organize some more. It only makes sense as part of our trip-time preparation that we make sure we are covered for when we need it most.

To learn more about RBC Travel Insurance, click HERE.

Do you have an experience where travel insurance came in handy, or you wish you had it? Let us know.

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This post is sponsored by RBC Insurance. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words.

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