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Innovative Ideas for Old Hockey Stuff

The arrival of fall means many things for a hockey family, and especially for Hockey Moms in Canada who can often be found this time of year cleaning out closets and drawers trying to assemble a suitable wardrobe for her family. I always find myself a little nostalgic in the fall, perhaps thinking about all the fun times we’ve had through our summer holidays that have passed by too quickly, or maybe due to the start of another new school year (and hockey season!) that finds my own kids a year older, a year bigger, if not a year wiser.

In my own kids’ closets, we have a couple shelves dedicated to hockey stuff – NHL jerseys, old team jerseys, and hockey socks. For the past few years I’ve been passing this hockey garb down from my older son to my younger son, but now that he has grown out of it as well, what do you do with a favourite or first jersey, and where do you send those old hockey socks?

Sock-Cessories is owned and operated by Grimsby, Ontario residents (and Hockey Moms) Esther Brooks, Linda Dunda and Laura Ke who had a brilliant idea to transform hockey socks and jerseys into something fashionable, functional and fun. I found this company online when I saw a notice about the Savvy Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, where the trio finished in the top four.

I fell in love with their innovative products including bags made from socks and hockey jerseys, pencil cases, scarves, wine bags and tote bags all made from old socks. It struck me that the idea is just so…Canadian. What other kids of the world would head to school in a backpack made out of their old hockey jersey?  What other moms in the world would carry around a purse made out of her son or daughter’s old hockey sock? And, the company really IS Canadian through and through, using Canadian made materials and employing Canadian moms, many of whom stay home with their children, to make their products.

I urge you to check out their products online at www.­sock-­cessories.­com . And, because the Hockey Moms of Sock-Cesssories support Hockey Moms in Canada, they have offered up a hat, scarf, and pencil case made in your team’s colours to one randomly selected person who follows these three steps:

  1. Second, “Like” the Hockey Mom in Canada Facebook page

  2. Third, sign up for the Hockey Mom in Canada newsletter (if you haven’t already – on the far left of this page).

A winner will be randomly selected on October 25, 2010. Good luck to everyone! And, be sure pass this information on to your hockey mom friends!

Do you have a story, Canadian made product, or idea that should be talked about on Hockey Mom in Canada? Send us an email at

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