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IT'S HERE! Introducing “Hockey Moms: The Heart of the Game”

Hockey Moms – This book is for you!

My co-author and I have been working on this book for two years.

“Hockey Moms: The Heart of the Game” is published by HarperCollins and it’s now available for pre-order everywhere.

This book has been a dream since our Canadian Hockey Moms community began in 2010.

With no hockey in site over the pandemic, my co-author, award winning former CTV Ottawa Sports Reporter Terry Marcotte and I got it done.

We took questions you had suggested and many of our own and we interviewed almost 50 Hockey Moms.

From Kelly McDavid to Ema Matthews to Manon Rhéaume (and her mother!) to mothers of players with special needs that never thought their children would step on the ice, you will learn how Hockey Moms managed the same complex hockey world that you are a part of.

Their stories are remarkable, sometimes sad, and always inspirational.

This book is a tribute to the emotional load carried by mothers when helping their children navigate the ups and downs of hockey.

I am personally so excited to bring Hockey Mom’s role to the forefront in “Hockey Moms: The Heart of the Game.”

The book is available in stores October 18, 2022.

I’ll be sharing more snippets from the book, hosting giveaways, and will maybe even be joined by some of the moms we interviewed as we lead up to the launch.

I am so happy to finally be sharing this book with you!

Comments or questions? Email me at or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

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