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New Book "SKATE LIKE A GIRL" Fosters Inclusion in Hockey

Hockey Moms!

Have you ever heard the term “Skate Like a Girl?” Maybe it’s been in a negative connotation, in a male-dominated hockey world, but this next introduction couldn’t’ be more positive.

Alison Haenlin is part of opening doors for women and girls with her new book, “Skate Like a Girl” available NOW!

Alison grew up playing competitive boys hockey for the Cumberland Barons and was the only girl. Like so many before (and after) her, she had to get dressed in a janitors closet in her home rink because there was no other room.

It wasn’t until Alison went on to play for the University of Ottawa Gee Gees where she had her first ever female coach.

When I met Alison, she was channeling her passion for hockey through her work with the Ottawa Senators.

Now that Alison is a mom, “Skate Like a Girl” is just one more way to share that passion with her daughter and every other boy and girl out there. Alison is doing it with the intention of making a difference.

To give you a better sense of the book, here’s a back-cover blurb”.

Meet Kate. 👋 She's 7 but almost 8. 'SKATE LIKE A GIRL' is about trying something new and following your dreams…even if it's a little scary or different from what others are doing. 🏒 The “_____ LIKE A GIRL” series is about inclusivity, equality and empowering young minds to see their limitless potential- whether it be in sport, work or everyday life…regardless of gender. The possibilities are endless…and that is exactly the point. ♾

Just as impressive as authoring "Skate Like a Girl", Alison has partnered with two other strong women to develop the RISE LITTLE QUEEN, an independent Publishing House for modern times. RISE LITTLE QUEEN represent authors, artists, and books that invoke thoughtful conversations, encourage big dreams, and challenge societal norms.

That’s important work.

We are EXTREMELY excited to be offering one copy of the book through a giveaway on our Canadian Hockey Mom FB page. To enter, go to the FB link and like or comment for your chance to win.

And if you want to support a women written book about little girls playing hockey, be sure to share the post as well!

The Online Book Launch for SKATE LIKE A GIRL was April 26th and it will be available across the globe at online major retailers such as: Indigo, Amazon,, Target, Barnes & Noble and more!

RISE LITTLE QUEEN is also hosting an in person Book Launch Party on May 1st at Ritual on Main, in Stittsville, ON. There will be live music, Author + Illustrator meet and greets and is the perfect afternoon out with the family! Go to and follow @riselittlequeen for more information.

The CHM “Skate Like a Girl” giveaway opens April 27 and will close 11:59pm May 1st.

Want more information? Sent us an email or leave a message on our Canadian Hockey Moms FB Page.

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