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6 Steps for Hockey Team Fundraising with Crowdfunding

Hockey Moms do a lot of fundraising and gathering money for one reason or another. And both of these things can be a real challenge. Keeping track of cash, chasing people down who agreed to help or still owe, lists, spreadsheets and making change gives me nightmares. Recently I found a way to make my life (and yours!) a lot easier when it comes to team fundraising. It’s going to help me stay sane this season.

A crowdfunding app called Tilt recently came to Canada, and I can say that this might be the easiest way to fund raise or simply gather money online. My daughter’s senior tyke team will be participating in a Future Sens game this December (basically, you play a game against another team on NHL ice, the stay for the NHL game afterwards). We have to sell so many tickets, and a $5.00 from each ticket goes back to our team fundraising pot.

I decided to try Tilt out and it only took me 2 minutes to set up a campaign and start collecting money from each family! Instead of taking money in person, or via interac e-transfer, Tilt lets you set up a page to sell items, or fundraise online and people can contribute with credit cards or with Visa Debit really quickly. The money is direct deposited in a bank account, and you can see each person who contributed.

The best part is that the folks at Tilt have partnered with us so that Hockey Moms (and dads) can use it for free for the whole season!!!

Here’s how I set it up:

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.31.55 AM

Check out my Tilt!

  1.      Go to and click Get Started

  2.      Choose a campaign (if you’re doing a general fundraiser pick Fundraiser, or you can gather money, but you can also sell tickets, seasonal items like pumpkin pies or cookie dough, or team shirts with a Sell Something campaign)

  3.      Add the promo code HockeyMom to waive all fees (campaigns are free for hockey moms!)

  4.      Choose a “tilt” amount. Set this at $1 if you want to collect all money donated; if you want to set a minimum amount that must be reached before cards are charged, put that number in this box instead.

  5.      Fill out the description of your campaign, make sure to tell everyone exactly what the funds will go toward for the team! And add a photo!

  6.      Start your campaign, and use your team email list, Facebook, and your team website to share the tilt link so everyone will contribute!!

Now all you have to do is get excited!! You can even download a .csv with everyone’s contributions, or orders. You can also post thank-yous and updates to the page to keep everyone in the loop. Now exhale, no more fundraising craziness this season.

I am telling you about Tilt because I really do think it could make the lives of Hockey Moms easier (both the ones collecting money or fundraising, AND the ones who simply have to pay!)

So start you own at Tilt FOR FREE ALL YEAR with the promo code HockeyMom!

Comments or questions? Email me at or leave a message on our Facebook page.

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