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Why Wait to Start Fundraising?

Digital Fundraising 101: Here's What to Know

Every year, Hockey Moms step up to make sure all players on their teams have equal opportunities to step onto the ice each season. According to Global News, some parents in Canada can spend around $5,500 or more a year on hockey when factoring in player and tournament fees, travel, new equipment and other expenses.

Fundraising is often the go-to method for hockey teams to help cover those costs but many traditional options, such as meat orders, golf tournaments, pub nights and bottle drives, require a lot of planning for sometimes underwhelming results. Often, how much you can raise is out of your control, with bad weather and lack of interest being the most common factors, and have you noticed that all too often it’s the same people doing all the heavy lifting?

Thankfully, there’s a new way to earn major bucks for your team! The introduction of digital fundraising has allowed families across the country to raise more money for their team with less effort from everyone involved. Where does one start when venturing into digital fundraising? Take a look below to see everything you need to know to fill your team’s wallet in no time.

Why Choose Digital Fundraising? It’s no secret that most people are becoming more reliant on digital means in all aspects of their life, and fundraising is no different. Hockey teams are choosing to ditch in-person events, citing safety, travel costs and limited free time as the driving factors for making the jump to online fundraising.

The Most Popular Online Fundraising Option FlipGive is an easy-to-use cashback app for teams, designed to help sports families lower the cost to play by shopping for the things they’re already buying from over 700 top brands. Cashback from groceries, gas, dining, gear, travel, and more can reduce player fees, ensuring no family has to choose between sports, their budget, and their time. It’s loved by more than 400,000 families across North America for these undeniable reasons:

● Free-to-use and only takes a few minutes to start earning

● No inventory or selling of unnecessary items

● Expect to earn an average of $2,000 in one season as a team, club or individual

● Fundraise directly from the stands or comfort of your own home on a phone or laptop

● Free one-on-one coaching calls with the Customer Success team to help maximize your earnings

Other Online Fundraising Options In addition to cashback apps like FlipGive, there are other digital efforts to help you lower the cost of hockey. Some teams turn to receiving commission on products through special affiliate programs or selling unwanted items such as furniture, electronics and sports equipment through buy-and-sell sites.

Wrap Up: Here’s What You Need to Remember Believe it or not, fundraising for your hockey team doesn’t have to be difficult. Traditional in-person events are still an option but ultimately it’s most important to remember to plan your strategy and utilize the resources available to you to achieve all goals you’ve set out. There’s never a bad time to start fundraising - your team will thank you!

For a limited time, raise $100 on FlipGive, get a bonus $100! The Play More Matching Grant sponsored by Home Hardware is here. Applications close July 3, apply now and start earning!

Want more information? Email or contact us on our Canadian Hockey Moms Facebook Page.

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