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WASH YOUR GEAR and GET FREE GEAR, Courtesy of Purex!

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Ok, Hockey Moms, put your hands up if you have ever experienced smelly hockey equipment. Now raise your hand if you have ever found hockey to be expensive for your family.

Hockey is Canada’s favourite pastime, but it can also take a toll on parents’ wallets. For this reason, many families opt for used equipment for their kids. The truth is, sometimes that gear has a very distinct smell, that might be even different than your own kids’ smelly equipment.

Don’t let the smell prevent you from taking advantage of high-quality used equipment, because there is an effective and affordable solution for your family!

The Purex® Odour-Free Hockey Shop is travelling to 10 cities to educate Canadians on the fact that you can #WASHYOURGEAR. Even better, Purex will be handing out FREE used hockey gear washed in NEW Purex® Odour Release and have Brand Ambassadors on hand to communicate the key product benefits and equipment washing tips.

That’s right. Free equipment (one item per person, while supplies last), as well as other items of Purex hockey swag will be handed out.

Seem too good to be true? These events are open to anyone and there is no cost to participate. People just need to line-up to enter the shop and they can select a free piece of used and washed

Interested in attending? In Ontario, there are stops in:

  1. London (Mar. 16)

  2. Oshawa (Mar. 17-18)

  3. Kingston (Mar. 24-25)

  4. Hamilton (Mar. 30)

  5. Brampton (Mar. 31)

  6. Barrie (Apr. 1)

  7. Belleville (Apr. 4)

  8. Mississauga (Apr. 6)

For more information on the Purex® Odour-Free Hockey Shop and schedule of stops, visit

As I stood by a midget team last night as they walked out towards the ice, I was reminded why Purex® Odour Release is important to our sport.

Furthermore, a recent Purex® survey, which was conducted by Leger reveals that, of those with hockey equipment, 77 per cent of Canadians admitted to only washing their gear once a year or less and 36 per cent of Canadians admitted to NEVER washing their gear!

Purex® Odour Release is the first branded value laundry detergent in Canada that boasts fragrance encapsulation with odour-elimination technology, which is ideal for hockey-obsessed

Comments or questions? Email or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

Until the next time, happy hockey!

*This post has been sponsored by Henkel Canada

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