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So Easy! Fundraising by Back to Hockey/School Shopping

It’s the end of July and chances are that school (and hockey) are on your mind. Summer months are for relaxing, but they are also important for getting prepared for the fall.

You are probably thinking ahead for what school supplies and hockey gear your children need. At the same time, your team and/or association might be thinking about fundraising for the 2019/2020 season.

If you plan on doing ANY online shopping, don’t forget to sign your team or association up for


FlipGive allows you to fundraise for your team by earning money when you shop online and Back to School is the perfect moment to earn BIG.

FlipGive is a team funding app that allows your team to earn cash on the things your families are already buying. Think grocery shopping, back to school shopping, holiday shopping, restaurant outings, booking hotels for your next tournament or vacations, and activities like going to the movies. It's all about exerting the least effort possible while maximizing funds for your team.

It literally takes 5 minutes to start a campaign, and once you invite other parents, each of you shops and money is donated back automatically to your team or association. The first time I tried out FlipGive, four of us did our regular back to school shopping, and raised over $150 by purchasing backpacks, school supplies, clothes, and shoes. We were fundraising with literally no extra effort!

It’s so easy. And I’ll tell you other ways I use it:

  • Equipment:

    • Need to purchase a new stick? Try ordering sticks or other gear on Pro Hockey Life and 10% of your purchase will go back to your association (imagine that! 10% from every stick you buy goes back to your team/association!)

  • Training:

    • Need some training gear or new running shoes? I order from Nike, Sport Check or Under Armour, and while I cringe each time my kids outgrow their stuff at least I can feel comforted knowing a portion of the sales are going back to their team.

  • Groceries/necessities:

    • Are you an Amazon Prime member (as I am?) and order a bunch of essentials online? Amazon gives back up to 7% of each of my purchases.

  • Gift Cards:

    • If you are like me, eating in restaurants during the season is inevitable. Purchase gift cards for restaurants like Boston Pizza or Montana’s online and get 10% back for your team (you are literally fundraising while you eat).

Think of it this way -- NOT signing up means you are leaving fundraising money on the table.

There are so many more vendors to choose from, including Gong Show, Canadian Tire, American Eagle, Old Navy, HP, Indigo, and so many more.

How does it work?

● Create an account for your team or association at

● Invite your managers, coaches, and parents

● Earn up to 25% cash back to offset the cost of your season.

With parents shopping online already, why miss out on the chance to earn extra funds for your season?

● Shop your favorite brands, like Amazon, Sport Chek, Walmart and more.

Comments or questions? Email us at or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

Until then, happy fundraising!

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