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Aegis Impact Protection Neck Guard Giveaway ~ for Hockey Moms

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

When our children play hockey, we want them to be safe. In, fact, that’s a priority for most Hockey Moms. I love Aegis Impact Protection’s approach to do just that, protect our children with their innovative technology

Aegis Impact Protection recognized that while protecting against lacerations, most neck guards were entirely ineffective at dissipating impacts. That meant that a puck to the throat could pose a serious threat, or even death (scary, but it’s happened!). Current neck protectors are also typically uncomfortable, unhygienic and can inhibit a player’s performance due to the bulkiness of the material. Enter the creativity and ingenuity of Aegis Impact!

AEGIS Impact makes no bones about it. “Our mission was to deliver the safest neck guard which provides maximum protection to athletes. Through impact testing and approvals, we’ve raised the bar and set a new standard for neck protection. Incorporating leading edge force absorption materials with lighter-weight, flexible materials, the AEGIS impact protection system is here to change the sports equipment world.

Features of the Aegis Interceptor  include:

  1. The Interceptor is featured in five (5) sizes from XS to XL

  2. Lightweight, breathable Nylon Spandex construction

  3. Integrated Kevlar® Cut resistant fabric layer

  4. Exclusive D3O® Impact protective Insert

  5. Large coverage area bib construction with extended Kevlar® coverage area

  6. Adjustable velcro closure allowing for 2” (5cm) of size variance

And, two other excellent products will be released in Spring 2017! The Aegis Protection for Goalies, Aegis multi-sport wrist guards, and Bracers.

I am pleased to announce the Aegis Impact Interceptor Giveaway. One lucky person will receive an Aegis Interceptor neck guard. All you need to do is:

  1. Like the post on the Canadian Hockey Moms Facebook Page

  2. Like the Aegis Impact Protection Facebook Page

  3. If you want an extra entry, include a comment in the comment section.

The product is available for sale all over North America and Europe, and you can also buy the neck guard at select retailers listed here:

Comments or questions? Email or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

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