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#AllConnected through Good Sportsmanship Online and At the Rink

As you all know I’m not just a Hockey Mom, I’m a hockey fan as well.

Back in 2010 when the Canadian Hockey Moms community was developed, a main goal was to promote good sportsmanship and positive experiences for players and families both on and off the ice. I knew first hand how the whole hockey experience could be less than positive, and I felt that there should be a venue to discuss the positives, and the trials and tribulations amongst Hockey Moms.

Many don’t know that Canadian Hockey Moms was also developed so that I personally could learn more about social media.  Even then, I knew that in the 21st Century, social media was going to play an important part of my three children’s’ lives, and I wanted to be able to monitor and talk to them about what they were seeing and doing online.

The internet can be a scary place. What concerns me and might shock you is that over 40 per cent of Canadian kids are cyberbullied every month.

40 percent of our children are cyberbullied each month!

Photo courtesy of Cathy Yeager

Cyberbullying happens at school, with people our children have never even met, and yes, even through hockey. Cyberbullying is a serious issue, and anyone who has witnessed it firsthand knows that bullying can can make a difference to our own and our hockey player’s well-being.

That’s why I find it important to #partner with Telus during this year’s World Junior Championship to stand against cyberbullying. The #AllConnected campaign is also inline with efforts in my local association where we recently made changes to our Code of Conduct to ensure that use of social media is covered as well. This protects our players, families, and coaches from cyberbullying.

You can check out for more tips to make the internet a friendly place. You can even find tips for parents to help your children #RiseAbove cyberbullying.

To show our support and take a stand against cyberbullying, let’s rally together and use #AllConnected when cheering on team Canada. Hope you’ll join me!

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