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Another Hockey Mom Giveaway!

As you may have figured out over the last little while, I love contests and giveaways, and I’m going to be sure that we keep giving away cool hockey stuff to our hockey moms every chance we get. After all, what hockey mom can’t use some more hockey stuff? And, this has been a great way to promote some cool and innovative stuff on behalf of Canadians!

Our first HMIC contest was for a copy of Jeremy Bresciani’s “Golden Goal”, an amazing piece of artwork that captures the spirit of the crowd on that fateful day when Canada captured the 2010 Olympic Gold Medal in Men’s Hockey. The second contest was for “Sock-Cessories” gear. Three hockey moms in Grimsby, Ontario have found the perfect use for those old hockey sweaters and socks, and are creating fun and functional hockey garb for families across Canada. Our latest contest just closed on Saturday, and provided a happy Hockey Mom with a brand spankin’ new Drylocker Hockey Bag (did I mention these bags have a fan in them to help dry the equipment quickly and with no odour?) Sorry if you missed them folks, these contests are closed now, but congratulations to the happy winners!

On top of our own contests, some of you have started to send me hockey related contests being run elsewhere. Certainly, this is information that I want to share with Hockey Moms across Canada, because what mom doesn’t like to win free stuff, or some stuff for her kids, or family!

So, check out our new “Contests” page. I’ll be posting information on our newest Hockey Mom in Canada contests there, and will also put information or links to other hockey related contests that I learn about.

Why not visit there now, and check out our newest chance to win a “Score – A Hockey Musical”  Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” Thanks to Mongrel Media for providing the soundtracks, I’ve got 4 to give away. I’m hoping to see the movie this week, and I’ll let you know what I think. I already know that I love the music (listen to the music at Score – A Hockey Musical )

Until then, be sure to enter to win a soundtrack. Or, send me information/links on information on other hockey related contests you think might be of interest! I always love hearing from you!

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