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Best Vehicles for Hockey Moms

I have another dilemma and I need the help of Hockey Moms in Canada.

Hockey season is quickly approaching, as is fall (gak!) and it’s time for this hockey family to buy a new (or new-to-us) vehicle. I dread this process because with three kids, we are already limited to what makes/models will accommodate us, let alone all that hockey equipment that goes along with being a hockey family. And, there is nothing worse than making a purchase to figure out that you all just don’t fit with your lifestyle. As part of our research, I googled “cars for hockey moms” and came across an article from 2009 posted by “Top 10 Vehicles for Hockey Moms”. I will admit that it made me laugh. I’m hoping that some of the selections were made tongue-in-cheek (like #7, the Porshe Panamera Turbo). Others made sense (e.g. #1, the Honda Odyssey – a minivan). However, nowhere on the list is the Dodge Caravan. Hockey Moms across Canada know how popular this vehicle is for transporting kids to and from arenas. By the way…for those of you who shun the minivan because you think it’s so uncool…none of us feel “cool” in the minivan, but some of us are so very confident in our coolness that we are willing sacrifice the appearance of “cool” for practicality.

That being said, I have a few criteria for our next family vehicle: 1) It will not be a minivan. We already have one, thanks, and I think one minivan in our family is enough. We will continue to drive it to and from the arenas, but we are looking for a second vehicle to COMPLIMENT our minivan, and maybe even, dare I say it…bring back some of the missing coolness. 2) It has to fit two adults and three children minimum. Oh ya, one child is still in a booster seat, and one is in a car seat, so there has to be a way to fit all that extra seatage in the vehicle. 3) It has to fit at LEAST two hockey bags, more likely three, and hockey sticks. 4) It has to drive well in our Canadian winters.

Does that seem like a tall order? I know that hockey moms have opinions on this subject. You all, or most of you, drive your kid(s) to the arena several times a week. Many of you have two or more kids. What works well for you? And by the way, I’m especially interested to hear from moms who are driving a Porche Panamera Turbo that was #7 on the list. ..I’m sure I would have no problem talking my husband into that one.

Have a suggestion? Leave a comment, write to us on our “Hockey Mom in Canada” facebook page, or send us an email at I’ll be keeping track of your feedback and perhaps we will devise our OWN “best vehicles for Hockey Moms” list based on experience! Till next time, safe driving, and keep your stick on the ice!

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