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Celebrating with Hockey Moms in Canada

Hockey Mom in Canada

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Friday I had asked for your help to finish the statement, “A Hockey Mom in Canada is someone who…” Your responses were thoughtful, humorous, inspirational, emotion provoking, and most of all solidified my belief that as Hockey Moms in Canada, we are fostering some of the best memories we have with our kids through being involved in hockey.

Can there be anything more fitting for the Hockey Mom in Canada community than to reach the milestone of 1000 members on our facebook page on Mother’s Day? What a coincidence. Thank you to everyone for your comments, feedback, suggestions, and participation so far. We are excited about having you all in one place, and hope you’ll stick around to help us welcome the next 1000 Hockey Moms in Canada!

Finally, every Hockey Mom needs a makeover now and then. We hope you like the makeover our profile picture has received, what better way to launch the new logo than posting it on Mother’s day? Thanks to a phenomenal Hockey Mom in Canada- Leanne Butcher, for coming up with the design. I love that she incorporated a big red heard right in the centre, because that really is the driving force in every hockey mom!

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