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Dear parents: I want your kids to fail (???)

dear parents

That’s the title of the article sent to met this morning.  Written by Josh Levine and posted on I wanted to be sure to share the article with you, it’s worth a read, so check it out.

The article addresses some interesting perceptions and views on failure, and reflects on the value of losing games as opposed to winning all season long.  And, the article reflects on the value of having coaches who are unfair, demonstrated here:

“At some level, whether it is in regard to the attention he gives to each player, the allocation of ice time or enforcement of rules, the coach will make a decision that is unfair. Second, I actually think a player would be lucky to face this sort of dilemma. It mimics the real world.”

I do not advocate for unfair coaches, and I don’t particularly enjoy losing. I agree with Mr. Levine, though, that our young players can learn from adversity, and in fact, this is what will help them be successful later in life.

What do you think about loses? Coaches who make occasional unfair decisions?

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