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Do you know any great hockey books for kids?

If you have children (and I know you do), you may have gone through the same struggles that I have with trying to get them interested in reading. ESPECIALLY if they are boys.

One of my own sons even told me, “unless it’s about hockey, the ocean, or outer space, I don’t want to read it”.

Notice that “hockey” is Number 1 on that list.

I’ve listed below a few recommended hockey books for younger children. Perhaps you have some suggestions for other hockey books that your own kids enjoyed (if so, email us at

  1. Just One Goalby Robert Munsch, Illustrated by Michael Martchenko.

  2. The Hockey Tree By David Ward, Illustrated by Brian Deines

  3. Brady Brady hockey series by Mary Shaw, Illustrated by Chuck Temple

  4. Dino-Hockey by Lisa Wheeler

  5. The Rocketby Mike Leonetti and Greg Banning

  6. Home Ice: Canada’s 2010 Men’s Olympic Hockey Team Guide by Lorna Schultz Nicholson

  7. Z is for Zambonie by Matt Napier

For hockey lovers and readers of all ages, check out Joe Pelletier’s website

Perhaps you’ll find a good hockey book to keep you company when the hockey season is over!

Happy reading!

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