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FlipGive ~ Easy Fundraising for Teams, Associations, and Hockey Moms

What is the number one question I get asked by Hockey Moms across Canada, and the world?

“What are some good fundraising ideas?”

This year, I am proud to partner with FlipGive, a fundraising program that provides hockey teams, associations, and athletes with a fast, easy, and free way to raise money by shopping online!

Having been a Hockey Mom for a number of years now, I’ve been involved with many  fundraising campaigns and have seen ever more options through this site. I have signed on to work with FlipGive because I think FlipGive provides an easy (so easy) and cost efficient (free) opportunity for teams and associations wanting to raise funds.  It works like this:

  1. You assign an administrator to set up the campaign on FlipGive (literally takes under 5 minutes)

  2. You build a fundraising team by email (fundraising team members can be parents, players, association members, coaches, trainers, managers etc.)

  3. You use the templates provided to send emails to your supporters, or publish the link directly to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn

  4. The link takes you to your fundraising page and all you or your supporters have left to do is shop!

Why do I love this program?

With FlipGive…

  1. Raise 5X More – Earn up to 50% on every purchase and reach people online no matter where they live. (That’s right, you just shop, and a % of the money spent goes directly back to your team)

  2. Sell Things People Want – Invite family and friends to shop online with brands and retailers like, Under Armour, Starbucks, and ALDO and more ~ Brands that Hockey Moms are buying anyways!

  3. Fast & Easy Fundraising – No money to collect, forms to fill out, or products to distribute. (Did you hear that? NOTHING TO COLLECT OR DISTRIBUTE!)

This is truthfully the easiest fundraising platform I have seen, and I will be administering a campaign on behalf of my own association this year. I’ll let you know how it’s going along the way!

I encourage you to check out FlipGive at

Comments or questions? Email or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

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