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Fundraise Effortlessly with FlipGive

It’s hockey season!

One of the most time-consuming things we do as hockey moms (and dads) is fundraise for our teams and associations. And, indeed, questions about “good fundraisers” are the most common I receive from all of you. So, when I latch onto a good one, I’m happy to tell you about it.

This year, my minor hockey association is trying FlipGive in addition to the other, regular fundraising activities we do throughout the year in order to keep registration costs down, replace equipment, pay for ice time and referees, gatekeepers, scorekeepers, and anything else required to run a minor hockey association.

The best thing about FlipGive is that after initial set up (emails), it requires virtually NO effort on behalf of parents and/or players, other than simply shopping online for things you were already going to purchase anyways!

FlipGive ScreenCapture Grizzlies

Here’s how it works:

  1. You set up your team (or association) account by entering emails,

  2. You send the information (already provided by FlipGive) via just a couple clicks to your parents/players

  3. Those contacts are encouraged to shop online through a variety of vendors and up to 50% of the profits from that shopping goes directly back to the team or association you are fundraising for.

  4. There are a variety of vendors, including Under Armour, Gongshow,, Nike, Starbucks, and a plethora of others.

We are using this fundraiser with my association this year, because with a pilot among executive members, five of us bought stuff we were planning on buying anyways, and raised (with seriously no effort) over $100 for our association. The things I ordered were on my doorstep in under 48 hours.

In addition to being SUPER easy, FlipGive is also SUPER generous. It is FREE to set up an account. And for a limited time, the first two teams that set up accounts, FlipGive will add $100 to your campaign to get your team shopping for more.

I’m excited about this partnership. And the set up at FlipGive is painless. To learn more or set up your account, click HERE. And if you know someone who is responsible for organizing fundraising for your team or association, send this information along to them!

Comments or questions? Email or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

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