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Great Christmas Gifts from HockeyShot

Every year it gets harder and harder to find time to shop for Christmas, and to find the perfect gifts for my hockey playing children and families.

That’s why I am thanking the dear Lord again this year for

I have learned that is the perfect place to find both common and unusual hockey related skill-building products that your hockey playing kids will eat up. Looking for shooting mats and pads? Shooting tarps and targets? Pucks and balls? This is the place to get it.

And because loves Canadian Hockey Moms so much, you can sign up for the HockeyShot2014 Giveaway! Enter now and you could receive one of:

1st: HockeyShot Extreme Slide Board Pro (NEW)

2nd: HockeyShot Extreme passing Kit

3rd: HockeyShot Extreme Dangler with HS Dryland puck.

extreme passing kit

Since I’m not eligible to receive the prizes, I’m placing my order right now, and looking forward to my kids opening their gifts on Christmas Day!

Comments or questions? Email us at or leave a comment on our Facebook Page.

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