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Hockey Mom - Can you Sew? You can help.

This will be quick.

People need face masks, even home made ones - now.

I had a friend reach out to me this afternoon asking me to mobilize your support now. A lot of businesses and organizations are getting on board.

My friend's wife works at a busy Toronto hospital. She is not a doctor or a nurse, but she still works there and face masks are at a critical level. Due to the doctors and nurses needing all the medical grade equipment, she had to wear a bandana at work today to cover her face.

She is not the only one.

This will be happening everywhere, if it isn't already. People will need masks.

We have been told masks don't work, but the Centre for Disease Control has posted on their website that "In Settings where face masks are not available, HCP might use homemade masks (e.g. bandana, scarf) as a last resort. So even CDC believes that this effort, in combination with covering the eyes, is better than nothing.

The CDC also mentions the capability of these masks to protect is unknown. But... we all know that to try something is better than to do nothing.

So, your hospital might need some masks or your grocery store, or LCBO, or you or your family and friends. No, we don't know how effective they are, but in countries where the COVID-19 crisis was slowed, people regularly covered their face (mouth, nose and eyes). Proper masks are definitely effective, but we don't have those. So let's do what we can do.

IF the CDC suggests using them as a last resort, I would rather err on the side of "slowing things down a bit", than nothing.

There are lots of patterns available online, or on Pinterest. I'll add some on my Pinterest Canadian Hockey Moms account.

There is also a Facebook Page called Sewing for Lives (Ontario) that you should check out. While an Ontario based group I believe they are canvassing support nationwide.

I know many of you can sew, otherwise our name banners would never end up on those jerseys.

Please note - masks must be properly sanitized before being used so please be sure to find out that process or drop-off in your area.

Pass on this message hockey moms, sew if you can, and stay safe.

Comments or questions? Email me at or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

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