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Hockey Moms! Be Prepared for Winter Weather!

If you are like me, you have an arena bag that follows you around to the rink (I am actually known in some circles as the “Bag Lady”, I have my manager bag, and I have my bag full of food, toys, and crafts to keep my daughter busy). I also am known to have all sorts of medication on me (for adults and children), and I can get you the master ice schedule for our association, as well as contact information for all of the executive members.

I pride myself on being prepared for the rink.

This is why I was a little unsettled when I recently attended the ILR Car Control School on behalf of Goodyear, and we discussed the importance of being prepared for winter, which included having a Winter Safety Kit in my vehicle. The winter tires I have covered, but the Winter Safety Kit? Not so much.

The truth is, though, as hockey moms we are on the roads at all hours and in all weather. It makes sense to be prepared with a few important items that could prove essential if we end up stuck or stranded, or even temporarily broke down in freezing cold weather. We are always planning ahead to get our kids to the rink on time, we need to plan with

the same diligence when it comes to the vehicles we are actually transporting them in. This means thinking about the Do’s and Don’ts of winter driving along with the tires and tools we need to be safe.

So, I hope you read the article “Don’t Let Winter Driving Catch You By Surprise”, and take the opportunity to enter a giveaway for a set of four Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Tires. ENTER HERE to enter the giveaway.

And, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to get your winter tires. Goodyear has an excellent selection that can help get you and your family to and from the rink safely.

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