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Hockey Moms – Yes I Can

This is a video that every Hockey Parent, or parent who is considering having their child in hockey, should definitely see.

In the arguably busiest month of the year for my family, I’ll admit I am exhausted –  from the pace, from the snowy weather, from trying to keep my family healthy, and even from those parents who lose it just a little bit during hockey play-offs.

That’s why I am especially grateful to T. Paquette for sharing this video with me initially, and to Dale Lowe, who wrote the article where the video was initially posted that you can read here.

This video that shows one child helping another unprompted helped ME to remember why I enrolled my kids in hockey in the first place. There are so many reasons that we often forget once we get into the thick of competitive hockey, including learning about working hard, developing friendships and social skills, and to watching our child’s eyes light up after a job well-done.

I am digging for information about the kids in the video because I want to thank the two players for making my day. Player #1, you taught me that “Yes I Can”, and Player #2, when I grow up I want to have a kind, generous, and helpful spirit, just like you.

Kudos. Enjoy.

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