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Innovative Canadian Hockey Products

We all know that hockey is Canada’s game. There is not really any debate about that. What I’ve also learned through hosting this website is that there are many Canadians, many small business owners, entrepreneurs, and inventors, who are constantly pushing the envelope and developing products to help better our players, or providing us with hockey related paraphernalia to fulfill our hockey related cravings.

For many of us, hockey is on our minds all the time. This of course translates into some very innovative products.

For example, Drylocker Hockey is a Canadian owned/operated business that develops hockey bags…get this…with fans in them to dry the equipment in the bag. A hockey dad from Ontario (who had experience as a tarper working with canvas such as in boat tops and tents) got sick of the stinky equipment laying around his house, so decided to develop a bag with a fan, and a filter to clean the air. Is that not a clever idea? Now the Drylocker Hockey Bag is a patent-pending CSA approved product available to hockey families across the world. For the record, I’m going to try out a Drylocker Hockey bag, because if it really works, well, that’s just cool! I’ll definitely let you know how it goes.

I’m interested to learn about other Canadian innovators and entrepreneurs who have taken our hockey obsession and turned it into something other Hockey Moms in Canada might want to learn more about. If you know of someone or something, email

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