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Keep Your Mini Sticks Organized With Sticky!

sticky on wall

Have you ever been heading out to a tournament and rushing around because you don’t want to forget the mini sticks? Or, walking through the hallway or basement and trip over the things that have been left EVERYWHERE? If so, then Sticky is for you.

I was fortunate enough to learn about Sticky, invented by Langley when she was 11 years old. With the help of her brother, 8 year old Macquire, they got to pitch Sticky on Dragon’s Den last November. You can see their pitch here (they come on at the 8:40 mark).

Dragon's Den Capture

I was able to try out a Sticky in custom colours (black with red). The Sticky is solid and durable, easy to mount on your wall, and even uses real hockey tape around the blade! And I love that it’s Canadian made by some Canadian kids.

langley sticky

We want you to know about Sticky, so Langley has agreed to give away a custom made Sticky in the colours of your choice. All you have to do is leave a comment on the Canadian Hockey Moms FB Page, and “like” the Sticky Facebook Page!

Sticky would be the perfect Christmas gift. If you are interested in ordering, send an email request to .

Great work Langley and Macguire! You’ve helped a lot of hockey families stay organized!

Comments or questions? Email or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

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