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Little Things for Hockey Moms to be Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and like many Canadians I’ve spent the last few days thinking about all the things I’m thankful for. Of course, I’m most thankful for my family and friends, and all that I bring to my life. As I said on Thanksgiving Sunday, I’m thankful for my family-family, and my hockey family.

But as we entered into our first games of regular season, I’ve realized I have so many things to be thankful for on a smaller scale. These are things that often go unnoticed, even by me, but also things that can make the difference in my family’s quality of life, especially at the rink. So, for fun, I’ve listed some of the little things that maybe only a hockey mom would be thankful for. Maybe you can relate.

I am thankful:

  1.  That after a two week delay, the ice is ready at our local rink, meaning that I don’t have to travel an extra half hour for home games and practices.

  2. For the first time ever, my youngest was at her brother’s game with me, and she let me watch every minute of play because she was busy doing crafts with her friends.

  3.  That after an initial scare, I was able to find hotel rooms for one of our away tournaments.

  4. For our support network, including my parents who will help out by taking one of my three kids to games and practices when my husband and I are running in three different directions at once.

  5.  When I’m late for a practice or game and needing a boost and the line up at the Tim Horton’s  is short enough that I can stop for a pick me up without making my kids late late.

  6.  When my kids have back to back practices, in the same rink (that will happen every Monday night all year!)

  7. For my first Thanksgiving Sunday off from hockey in 4 years.

  8. When I remember to ask my tyke age daughter if she needs to use the bathroom BEFORE she has her equipment on.

  9. For tyke practices.

  10. For every parent who offers to help out, and especially those who give their endless time and energy to be on the ice and on the bench with the kids.

  11. When my Novice age son leaps out of bed on his own for a Saturday morning 8:30 power skating ice time.

  12. When my 9 year old loads the equipment for all three kids into the van for me.

  13. When I walk into the arena, and the parents have smiles on their faces.

  14. For the pictures that my oldest son’s coach sent me of our kids playing together through the years, and that made me even MORE thankful for tyke practices.

  15. For hand sanitizer.

  16.  Win or lose, for close, competitive games, and parents on opposing teams who are thankful for the same thing.

  17. On occasion, for arena fries.

  18. For the sound of skate blades on ice.

  19. For the arena blankets my aunt made my kids a couple years ago.

  20. When I remember the skates that need to get sharpened, and when I take them in and there is NO LINE UP.

Some of these probably seem pretty trivial to most people, but for me, they can sometimes make or break a day. What are you most thankful for? Leave a comment on our Facebook page, or email

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