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Max Domi – Powered by Accuracy Giveaway

We all know someone impacted by diabetes. You may even have a teammate on your child’s team affected by the disease. But did you know that more than three million Canadians have diabetes, and a whopping one in three people are estimated to be affected by 2020?

Despite it’s overwhelming widespread impact, a recent study found that regardless of the high prevalence of diabetes in Canada, there are many misconceptions around the disease and how to properly manage.

A couple weeks ago we talked about Max Domi. Remember him? Won the top forward and played a pivotal role in helping team Canada to a gold Medal at the 2015 World Junior Campionships?

To shed light on the importance of accuracy and the key role it plays in the lives of millions of Canadians living with diabetes, Max has joined the new Powered by Accuracy program. Bayer Diabetes Care Canada’s Powered by Accuracy campaign highlights the accomplishments of Canadians who lead exceptional lives and are living their dreams, despite being diagnosed with Diabetes. But did you know that you can help raise money for diabetes and research and advocacy with every video share of Max’s video, or the videos of the two other high profile Canadians? The funds raised will be distributed among three leading organizations j- Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF), Connected in Motion, and Diabetes Hope Foundation.

Max Domi and the folks at Powered by Accuracy would like you to help spread the word about this program and what every child with diabetes could achieve. Like last time,  we are asking that you share or re-tweet this post. Each person who shares or re-tweets this post will be entered into a Giveaway for a Team Canada package valued at $150 that includes an official Team Canada hat and puck signed by Powered by Accuracy Ambassador Max Domi

Do you know a family who has been affected by Type 1 Diabetes? Make sure they read this post as well, and check out the Powered by Accuracy program.

Comments or questions? Email us at or leave a message on our Facebook page.

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