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Sports Poster Warehouse Giveaway

I love posters. Growing up my room was covered with posters, as my kids’ rooms are now (Go Sens!). Each year in university I would purchase at least one poster to decorate my room, and I have been known to give posters…when I can find them…as gifts to both adults and children. My issue, however, has always been that I have not been able to find that perfect poster for the person in question, because I have found that many of the readily available posters are cheap looking, all for the same team (not all of the people I know are Leaf’s fans), or don’t fit the person or the occasion.

Not anymore.

The Sports Poster Warehouse has possibly the best selection of new, rare, and vintage sports posters I have seen. This is great for hockey fans (which I know you are), and sports fans in general. I was curious about the quality of the posters so the Sports Poster Warehouse sent me a few.

I was thrilled with a poster that I had never come across in any store before, Paul Henderson THE GOAL 1972: Team Canada. This poster is taken just seconds after the puck crosses the line, Henderson’s arm’s raised in celebration. This is a poster I can enjoy, but would also look great framed in my parents sports memorabilia room.

The second wicked poster is Crosby’s Golden Goal in the 1972 Olympics. Less like a poster and more the quality of a giant picture, this poster also shows the seconds after the puck crosses the line, arms raised in celebration. This is a collector’s item for anyone who remembers where they were and what they were doing when the golden goal was scored for Canada at the Vancouver Olympics (that’s probably most of you).

A third poster contains logos for all of the teams in the NHL. My kids are crazy about this poster and have been fighting for owner’s rights.

The Sports Poster Warehouse definitely has something for you. And, to give you a chance to pick the poster you would like to see, the Sports Poster Warehouse is holding a giveaway in conjunction with Canadian Hockey Moms. So, first, go to to browse the posters, then go to our Facebook page and leave a comment under the post about the posters you would like to receive. One recipient will be randomly chosen, and they will receive the poster of their choice.

And, be sure to follow the Sports Poster Warehouse on twitter @sportsposters

In the meantime, I’ll be searching as well, the boxing posters, because Father’s Day is coming up soon!

Happy searching, hockey moms, and good luck!

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