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Winner of the Drylocker Hockey Bag Announced!

For those of you who have been following along with our blogs, you know that I’ve tried the Drylocker hockey bag, and can tell you that the fan in the bag actually does dry the equipment quickly and without any smell! That’s why I was so happy that Drylocker was willing to partner with Hockey Mom in Canada to run a contest where a lucky mom got to take home a Drylocker hockey bag!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. There were many entertaining entries that reminded me of the trials and tribulations of hockey moms across the country. Fitting that we are making the announcement before Halloween, since so many of the stories were S-C-A-R-E-Y, and makes us wonder what exactly does live in our kids’ hockey bags!

First, let us introduce the runner up, who will receive a 50% off discount for a Drylocker hockey bag.

Vicki Smith submitted this story.

“Part of the fun of being a Hockey Mom is getting to “Mom” other kids at the rink as well as your own. Getting to experience the joy on kids faces as they get ready for games is part of this.  For this reason my husband and I have always offered to carry the team jerseys to and from games.  Never really thought anything of the smell before.  Now my son is on a Novice Rep team though, and those kids are really skating.  Trying their hardest.  I never thought that 7 and 8 year old boys could sweat so bad.  But boy they can!  At the International Silverstick tournament the kids played a total of 5 games, making it to the final.  Because we were at a hotel for the 4 days there was no place to wash the jerseys (or the equipment for that matter)  Handing out the shirts the one and only girl on the team told me how much the shirts stunk!  Nothing I could do about it.  I told her that by the end of the game I wanted them to stink even worse!  That way we would know that they had worked their hardest!  Stinky uniforms, but boy did they work hard out there!  It was a hockey experience they will remember forever.”

And now for the winner of contest and the Drylocker Hockey Bag….Congratulations to Danielle Menzel ! I’m sure you will all feel her pain after reading her submission.

“Ours is a busy household when it comes to hockey.  I have to be creative and organized.  Both of which I am still working on!       When you enter our basement please beware!  You will notice that there are a pile of hockey sticks outside the door in the garage, a few pucks and a hockey net with some empty water bottles and cans hanging as targets for the shooter.  Once you enter the laundry room in the basement the smell usually hits you.  There are some plug in air freshners and febreze has been sprayed but that is no match for the five, yes you heard me right, FIVE hockey bags crammed into the room!!!       We have three hockey trees so if the practices and games are not all on the same day usually the gear is hung up right after practice (sometimes by a sympathetic Mom, depending on how hard the player worked).  The gear must then be packed away in their bags the next day to make room for the next wave of stinky equipment.  If there is no more room on the trees then we use the treadmill as a equipment dryer. What else would we use it for, eh?!     We have all three kids, my husband and myself in the game and even though it can get busy, crowded and stinky, I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!  Except, of course, with a few Drylocker bags maybe?”

Congratulations to Vicki and to Danielle! Drylocker Hockey bags would like to thank everyone who posted their stinky scary hockey bag stories for this contest. And as a thank you, Drylocker Hockey bags will be contacting each one of you individually, with a special offer on behalf of and

Also, a reminder to all of you that for a limited time, the Drylocker bags will be available at at a reduced introductory price. You heard it here first!

Questions or comments? Email or comment on our Facebook Page.

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