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Winter Driving School for Canadian Hockey Moms

Do you feel prepared for winter weather driving?

Hockey Moms drive a LOT in winter weather, and I am thrilled to announce that on Sat. February 9th, there will be an exclusive Canadian Hockey Moms day at the ILR Winter Driving School. This will be a full day of theory, practice, and FUN exclusively for Canadian Hockey moms where you will have a chance to practice driving on a course on ice. The session includes lunch, a handbook, pens, certificate and in car instruction in your own vehicle on the iced facility in  Minden, Ontario. AND, for this day only, Hockey Moms will get $100 off, for a total of $300 plus HST.

I was fortunate enough to attend the ILR Advanced Driving School this fall. You can read about my experience, that was both practical, informative, and FUN. I did not stop smiling the whole day. AND, I vowed that when it is time for my own kids to drive, they will be taking a similar course, because the information shared, and opportunity to practice, is invaluable.

I hope you will consider advancing your winter driving skills at the ILR Winter Driving School! For more information, visit the website at

Comments or questions? Email or leave a message on our Facebook page.

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