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12 Days of Christmas Integral Hockey Stick Repair Giveaway


It is  not uncommon on our page to hear Hockey Moms discuss the expensive price of a good stick, or the excruciating frustration when an expensive stick breaks leaving the parents emptying their wallets for another, and the child heartbroken that their favourite stick is gone to the dump. Integral Hockey offers a promising solution to the frustrations of a broken stick by providing a state of the art repair process on broken shafts, blades, and their own quality stick design. Integral Hockey currently has over 50 stick repair locations or drop offs throughout North America and is located in every province in Canada and plans on keeping at least 30% more sticks out of the landfill and back on the ice with their newly released blade repair technology. You can check out a video clip showing the performance of a repaired composite stick at  Not only that, Integral Hockey lets you get involved with the franchise.

This year Canadian Hockey Moms and Integral Stick repair are pleased to present the 12 days of Christmas Integral Hockey Stick Repair Giveaway. The giveaway opens today, and then each day for the next 10 days 1 winner of a free repair will be chosen (one from each province). On the 12th day, we will hold our grand finale giveaway when one recipient of an i-Stick with a FREE Extended Warranty will be chosen (your choice of a right or left Sakic curve 85 flex stick). 

iStick_BoxforHomePage_Blue v3

It is simple to enter the 12 days of Christmas Integral Hockey Stick Repair Giveaway! Take two minutes to enter HERE for your chance at a free stick repair, or the grand finale prize of an i-Stick!

Comments or questions? Email us at or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

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