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End the Dressing Room Chaos!

end the chaos 1

I wish this newest invention would have been around when my children were younger.

Would you agree that there are few things more chaotic than initiation/tyke dressing rooms? Fifteen to thirty (if you are sharing ice) little players, plus parents, and siblings, sometimes even a stroller or two, and all the hockey gear in one small space. Add in the excitement, and it can be bedlam. Lost equipment. Arguing with your child to put on their own. A fight breaking out in the corner. A child struggling with the straps on their shin pads. Showing up 5 minutes before practice starts because you just rolled out of bed, or you sped here from work, so now you are rushing to get the equipment on in record time. You’ve been there, you get it.

What if I told you that getting your child dressed could be so much simpler and faster? What if I told you that there is a Canadian company that has developed product that eliminates the chaos and is ultra safe?

Oneiric, the company behind the innovative equipment for youth hockey players, officially launched its innovative and protective base layer pant to market today encouraging coffee-deprived and stressed out parents to #EndTheChaos, in a marketing campaign that satirically mimics the struggles of hockey moms and dads to get junior dressed and on the ice in time for the game.

The concept for the #EndTheChaos campaign centres around Oneiric’s unique protective base layer pant, a design inspiredby the company co-founder’s own experiences growing up as young hockey players. A hybrid between base layer apparel and hockey equipment, their product goes beyond current equipment, offering parents and players a pant with added convenience features, is easy to wash, and provides protection at the back of the leg leaving players more protected from injury.

end the chaos2

This product is a game changer. Or rather, a pre-game changer. It is so much simpler and faster, and will definitely cut down on the time and effort for players age 5-13 to get dressed and out on the ice. I’m betting that it will also cut down on parental stress in the dressing room.

I love supporting Canadian innovation, and I believe this is a great product. Check out the website and watch #EndTheChaos here.

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