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Enter Your Stories for Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada!

Today is Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada! And if you are a Hockey Mom, chances are that today you are involved in some type of hockey – in a rink, on a pond, or volunteering somewhere across Canada. For me, Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada has become a chance to celebrate with hockey families and the hockey community the great bond that we have developed through the game we all love, and to reflect on the great memories we share, and all of those who work so hard to make hockey happen for our kids.

This year, Scotiabank Hockey Club is encouraging you to share your own memories, moments, or pay-it-forward stories. You are being asked to post your stories on a person or team giving back to a community or charity, and you can use a statement, photo, or video post using the hashtag #scotiahockey.

There will be one grand prize awarded and three secondary prizes to be randomly selected from posts using the hashtag #scotiahockey.

The fantastic Grand Prize is one (1) NHL Alumni Tour visit to your community between January 21st 2014 and September 6, 2014.

Second prizes include three (3) custom 10-20 second video responses from an NHL Alumni highlighting a community post submission and celebrating how they give back to their community. The video will be posted on the Scotiabank Hockey Club’s Facebook Page.

The contest is open until January 18th 2013 until 4pm EST.

You can find Scotia Hockey Club Here:

So make sure you submit those stories about people giving back, and use #ScotiaHockey, and you could find yourself surrounded by the NHL Alumni Tour!

Comments or questions? Email or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

Happy Hockey!

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