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Feel better with Vasayo and Giveaway for Hockey Moms

It’s time for another giveaway, Hockey Moms, and this time it’s for another product I’ve tried and loved. Fellow Hockey Mom, Karrie Kirton, introduced me to Vasayo, a company that produces products made for those with busy lifestyles (is that you?).

I tried Sleep, and Energy. I found Sleep to be an interesting product, because I didn’t find it made me groggy, but I did find when I awoke in the morning I felt exceptionally well rested, like my sleep had been deep and uninterrupted.

Energy gave me a slight boost in the afternoon when my energy is lowest. I quickly felt alert and awake, but not jittery, the way coffee can make me feel.

Karrie is excited to offer Canadian Hockey Moms and friends an opportunity to enter a giveaway for one of five prizes.

To enter the giveaway:

2)  Comment on any of the posts asking a question to find out more about the company, the products or the opportunity. The more questions you ask, the more entries you receive!

The promotion runs from July 31 to August 6. Winners will be chosen by random draw to be held on August 8  Winners will be notified by a reply to their comment and private Facebook message.

Prizes will be as follows: the first name drawn gets their choice of a full size Vasayo product from the current product line, the second name drawn gets their choice of the remaining four products, and so on for the third and fourth names drawn. The fifth name drawn gets the remaining product. All will be shipped to them using Canada Post at no charge.

Comments or questions? Email us at or leave a message on our Facebook Page. Contact Karrie at 613-803-1761 or at

Good luck

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