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Hockey Mom Runs on Ice to Break up Fight

A few of you have emailed to ask me what I think of this video, where a hockey mom walks on the ice to break up a fight during a youth game.

Truthfully, I watched the video a few times, and I still have mixed feelings about it. For sure I would never want to be the one walking on the ice during a game, but I also feel that I don’t have all of the information I need to “judge” that woman’s behaviour.

First, though I have watched a lot of hockey fights, I have never watched my own SON in a fight. I’m guessing that changes things – when suddenly you are afraid for your own child’s safety. My husband actually commented the other day, before seeing this video, that I would “lose my mind” the first time I saw one of my kids in a fight.

I wonder if perceiving the ref as “standing around” during a fight where I was concerned for my son (especially if he wasn’t a “fighter”), would provoke me into walking on the ice, I have no idea. I think not, I would like to say that I understand the hockey beast well enough to know that this could be a possibility. And, I have no idea what happened in the game before the fight. What happened to provoke this particular tussle? Had the  game been overly rough? Were there already injuries? Were all parents worried for their kids’ safety (I’ve been there!) Were the refs “ignoring” chippy play? I have seen that sometimes the ref’s laissez faire attitude toward violence/aggression during the game can provoke parents. Is this what put this mom over the edge? I don’t know.

Finally, I have no history on this particular mom and her typical behaviour at games. Is she the one constantly yelling at refs no matter what? No idea. If she is “that” mom, who is constantly getting into it, yelling at her kids and others, the refs,  maybe this behaviour is expected (but by no means acceptable).  Or, is she the quiet one who finally decided to take a stand against a perceived injustice, or inadequate job by the refs?

So, what do I think about the video? Well, I hope that I never do something similar, or feel so provoked by officiating in a game that I would somehow feel walking on the ice was justified. I do want to point out, though, that almost immediately after she went on the ice, everyone stopped fighting (kind of like – ok..stop it,  MOM’S coming!). I guess she accomplished her mission. Ah…the power of moms…

Be sure to watch the video, and even check out comments others have posted. If nothing else this video has provoked a great discussion…

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