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Hockey Moms and Cell Phones on Rural Travels


Recently I was driving in a very rural area, some would even call the area “remote”. While that point is debateable (as a local argued, there is an airport, there are highways, how can it be remote?), what made it feel “remote” was the lack of cell phone signal. In a snowstorm. In a rental car. With no snow tires.

The situation, driving in a snowstorm with no cell signal, gave me time to reflect. I was less worried about being injured in an accident than I was about being stranded in a ditch with no way to contact anyone. I reflected on all the times I have driven with my kids to rinks across Ontario with no cell phone. It’s not the driving that’s the problem, it’s the feeling disconnected that bothers me. And I’ve been driving with moms when they can get signal, and I cannot. Irritating. Isolating.

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With the amount of driving Hockey Moms do, our wireless networks matter. Verizon has committed to rural services in the United States and continues to be a leader in wireless network service. In fact, just a few months ago they met their commitment of fully launching 4G LTE service in partnership with 21 wireless providers across 225,000 square miles in the U.S. . Whether it’s Wisconsin, Michigan, Northern Montana even Alaska, the LRA program has some of the most remote areas covered.  So Hockey Moms, when you travel to those northern US states for your tournaments, Verizon has got you covered!

Certainly, this can make us feel safer and more confident on our rides to rinks all over the country!

Have you had a scary ride in an area without signal? Or do you have comments or questions? Email us at or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

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