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Hockey Moms in Canada LOVE Sidney Crosby!

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The votes have been cast, and as promised, the results of the first Hockey Mom in Canada Favourite Player Poll are in! You will probably not be too surprised (or disappointed) that Sidney Crosby is overwhelmingly the 2010 Favourite Player of Hockey Moms in Canada!

I would be lying if I said it was a nail biter and came down to the wire. Though he’s long out of the Stanley Cup playoffs, Crosby took an early lead and held on, winning the title with 65.7% of the vote.  (Noticeable mention goes to Roberto Luongo with 12.9%, and Mike Fisher with 11.4% respectively).  Hayley Wickenheiser was the top female vote getter, and a couple moms were incensed that she was not in the original list! (Sorry…I’ll remember for next year!)

So, WHY did Hockey Moms choose Crosby? Here are some of  your comments:

“Because he is the closest thing to Gretzky!”

“(He’s a) hometown boy that shows nothing but respect both on and off the ice. My sons saw him playing tennis a couple of years ago, asked him for an autograph and he gave it to them. Sydney noticed they were playing street hockey, and asked if he could play. What a thrill for them! They still talk about it to this day!”

“Besides being an amazing young hockey player, he displays incredible sportsmanship….I would be proud to be his hockey mom.”

And last but not least, “He scored the winning goal for Team Canada at the 2010 Olympics”.

I didn’t vote, but if I had, I would have voted for Crosby. I remember back in 2005 when Crosby was first drafted to the Penguins. I saw him on a late night show, (I think letterman, maybe Leno?). I don’t remember the host, but I do remember seeing his big smile, and how excited he was. It reminded me of Paul Kariya, who just always looks so darn happy to be playing! I also noticed how composed he was (for an 18ish year old), and I remember thinking “this guy has got it together”. Now, 5 years later, my boys follow his every move. Though he doesn’t know it, he follows theirs as well (they have a life size wall poster of Crosby watching over their beds every night!) I also have a photo of my boys and some friends standing in front of the TV (and Crosby) just moments afte he scored “The Golden Goal”. That little boy in the Tim Horton’s commercials who thought it would be amazing to wake up every day and get to play hockey is the one inspiring thousands of little boys to be just like him. And that is why THIS Hockey Mom in Canada agrees with your choices! Way to go, Hockey Moms! And Crosby, looking forward to many more hockey memories!

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