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Hockey Moms Need to Stick Together…

After my first weekend of the regular hockey season, I was left wishing that I could channel all of the energy, experience, and wisdom of all of you in our Hockey Mom in Canada community. I was a little concerned since I was feeling wiped after the very first full weekend of hockey, and also because the weekend was only half as intense as the upcoming weekend will be with a total of 5 games, and 2 power skating sessions, a visiting mother in law, and a birthday party to throw.

I will admit that I was also tired out from all the hubbub last week (both the COLD-FX luncheon and the Hockey Mom in Canada TV debut), but still. It’s the beginning of the season, and there is a long haul ahead of us.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this stuff. I have been anxiously awaiting the start of this season, and it feels good to get going, and to be back in constant contact with my “hockey family”. But I do worry about being able to keep up the pace for the next 6 to 7 months, about trying to keep organized (we’ve already showed up at the wrong time for one practice), about managing who, between myself and my husband, will be the shuttle to games and practices, especially when two are playing in different places at the same time. How do we keep our families well-nourished, well-rested, and homework done through the winter? If you are like most moms I know, you spend most of your time looking after the needs of your family. So, when do we find time to look after ourselves?

I fully intend on asking for your input on some of these time management/organizational issues throughout the season, and you can all feel free to send me questions that you would like to ask our over 3,200 moms. First, though, I want to acknowledge all those moms and grandmas who manage to get their kids from arena to arena on their own!

I had a reality check this morning when I awoke to a post on  our HMIC Facebook page from a mom who is worrying about how she will be able to manage getting her child to hockey while her husband is overseas in the Navy. I’m sure that this scenario plays itself out across the country in various ways. Lots of “single” moms, or moms who are on their own, tackle schedules that are hard for two (or three, or four) people to manage. And, some of you are lucky to be living in a community where you know the parents of other teammates, or you have extended family around to help. Others, though, are in communities where it’s tougher to ask the other parents to pick your kid up on the way to the arena.

So, first, I want to salute all those moms who work triple time to keep their kids in hockey and get them to where they need to be on a regular basis. I’d love to hear from some of you about how you’ve managed, and if you are willing, we can share your ideas with other moms who I know could use your help.

And, personally, I can think of a few ways I can be a better help to these moms. There are lots of little things we can all do, such as offering to give their kids to the arena, or maybe even just looking after their younger children while they tie up their son or daughter’s skates. Maybe I can even bring their child home with me to give them a hot meal before a supper time practice. After all,  we Hockey Moms need to stick together!

Do you have a story of a mom who beats the odds to get her child(ren) to the arena? Or perhaps you know a mom who has it all figured out? We’d love to hear from you! Post on Facebook, or email us at

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