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Hockey Moms: Why Does Your Network Matter? Verizon Can Help.

Staying in touch with our phones is part of the Hockey Mom lifestyle. Texting to confirm game and arena locations, practice times, who is picking up and dropping of what child, sending play-by-play game scores to moms at other rinks, or even posting that game winning goal on Facebook. We take pictures and videos of our kids, snap shots of the trophies, celebrations, and we post and share them far and wide.

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When it works, it’s awesome. When your network fails, it can add to the chaos that can sometimes overwhelm us.

angry cell phone

I’ve had a few terrible network moments. I think of the time when, headed into overtime in a Silverstick semi final, the play by play  for family and friends not in attendance was suddenly cut short. Our eager audiences were not impressed. They were all waiting for our updates, while our parents ran to the side exit, arms waving our cell phones in the air, trying to catch a signal that had only seconds before worked just fine. Another more stressful time was driving at in a remove area in a snowstorm at night with two of my kids on my way home from a rink. I was terrified that I had no signal and worried I was going to end up with them snow covered in a ditch and no way to let anyone know.

As you know, Canadian Hockey Moms has partnered with Verizon, a vital network for Canadian Hockey Moms traveling to the US for hockey, and for American Hockey Mom friends. Verizon offers the nations largest and most reliable 4G LTE network in the US, offering 4G LTE coverage to 98% of the US population, including some of the most remote parts of the country And, Verizon is offering a contest for CanadianHockeyMom followers. All you need to do is:

  1. Post your own worst network moment on your own Facebook wall. Is it similar to mine above? Or something far worse.

winter driving
  1. Tag Canadian Hockey Moms in the post. To do this, just type @CanadianHockeyMoms

In posting on your page, you will be entered in a giveaway for one of two Fitbit Charges. Cool prize!

So Hockey Moms, let’s hear your worst network moments.

Comments or questions? Email or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

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