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Keep Your Hockey Players Healthy with 1st Star Vitamins

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Staying healthy during the regular hockey season can be a daunting task for Hockey Moms. On top of trying to eat healthy and get plenty of sleep, I also try to get my kids to regularly take their vitamins. When I was asked to try 1st Star Vitamins, hockey themed children’s vitamins, I thought it could be a good fit for my family!

I received two types of vitamins to try. The red bottle is 1st Star Multivitamins, the blue bottle is 1st Star Multivitamins with Minerals. Both came in attractive packing with NHL players on the box (rated as “very cool” by my kids) and with collectible puckz inside each package. The puckz are collectibles for true hockey fans. As well, 1st Star Vitamins are the ONLY NHLPA licensed vitamin and contain the same ingredients as other leading children’s vitamin brands, but are less expensive than other leading brands (1st Star Vitamins are $6.47/box compared to $9.97 for other leading brands with the same formulation!)

The true test would be my kids’ ratings. Each of the multivitamins has a hockey themed shape (goalie, skater, skate) and are purple, pink or orange chewable tablets. My children each selected one and popped it in, each easily chewing and swallowing. Success! They each loved the taste. I would have no problem getting them to take these vitamins every morning. The hockey theme is perfect for Canadian hockey families!

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The next morning each of my kids asked to have their morning 1st Star Multivitamin, and they have been asking ever since. To me? The hockey theme and great taste got them hooked.

If you would like to try 1st Star Multivatimins or 1st Star Multivitamins with Minerals they are available exclusively at Walmart pharmacies. Soon, there will player signing at select Walmart locations so keep your eyes open. And, if you are interested in winning a 1st Star Vitamins prize pack all you need to do is:

1) Answer on our Facebook Page what is the difference between the red bottle of 1st Star Multivitamins and blue bottle of 1st Star Multivitamins

Comments or questions? Email us at or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

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