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Novel Fundraising Ideas for Hockey Moms

As a Hockey Mom you have undoubtedly learned one of your most important roles – Fundraiser. Fundraising is such an important part of our job as Hockey Moms that I’ve asked you all for fundraising feedback a few times and I’ve posted the information on our Hockey Mom in Canada website under “

Fundraising Ideas for Your Association” (be sure to check these out, and email us if you have any additional suggestions).

But, the questions for fundraising ideas keep coming. In these economic times fundraising is both extra difficult, and extra important for Hockey Moms. It’s also challenging to find a fundraising idea that “fits”, and doesn’t have your association pushing unwanted novelty items on family and friends over Thanksgiving weekend (of course, this is just a hypothetical example).

That’s why I am interested to try out Student Gift Cards, a company out of Coquitlam, BC that was developed by  Hockey Moms for Hockey Moms! Some wise moms developed this fundraising idea after finding that they were always left doing the fundraising for their son’s Coquitlam Chief’s midget hockey team, and always ended up with multiple boxes of over ripened oranges and many expensive coupon books that they never got to use in time!

The concept is pretty straight forward. Student Gift Cards sells gift cards for many of North America’s favourite retailers at face value to interested teams, clubs and even schools.

When a hockey team or association registers with Student Gift Cards, they get a group number. Then anyone who has that Group number can buy gift cards  online at and 2 – 11% of the proceeds from every sale will go to their team! For example, if you bought a $100 gift card to Chapters, $11 would go to your team! Fundraising coordinators can log in at any time to see how much has been raised and exactly what has been sold – without having to coordinate any of the order forms or payments because it is all done for you – online! On top of being a great idea, Stephanie Prentice, Director of Student Gift Cards Inc. states, “We have excellent customer service, we really go above and beyond to help the fundraising coordinators and do as much as we can to take the load off of them”.

Sounds like a good idea to me, and I’m looking forward to receiving some “test” cards later this week to better understand just how simple the process is. I’ll be letting you know how it goes!

Until then, be sure to check out their website at, to see their growing list participating stores, and to see if Student Gift Cards can help you!

Questions? Leave a comment here, or email You can also post a comment on our Hockey Mom in Canada Facebook page.

Until, then, happy hockey!

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