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RBC Believe in Kids keeping Kids in Hockey

As an ex-figure skater, hockey sister, rink-rat, and current full-time hockey mom, I have this (perhaps irrational) belief that every child in Canada should have an opportunity to learn to skate, and if they choose – play hockey. But as Hockey Parents we know that the cost of hockey is constantly increasing and is possibly the biggest barrier to kids starting or staying in the game.

This is why it is easy for me to get behind the RBC Believe in Kids  Pledge that has dedicated a $100 million (yes million) commitment to improve the well being of over one million kids and youth in Canada. This pledge is intended to improve the emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being of children and youth through investments in a range of programs in including after school programs, mental health programs, and the RBC Play Hockey Program. All of these programs are important to me because they address the barriers that contribute to gaps in school achievement, access to appropriate services, and opportunities to experience the joys of hockey that our children have been fortunate enough to experience when they step on the ice.

To understand the value of the these grants one just needs to watch the excitement Thomas exudes when he talks about, and plays, hockey. Without the RBC Hockey Program, Thomas is a child who possibly would never have gotten the chance to step on the ice as a goalie in his new country, a country that he loves.

You can see in Thomas’s eyes and hear in his voice his love for the game. You can see the happiness Thomas’s parents get from watching him do something that he loves.  To me, this video is the perfect example how the RBC Believe in Kids Pledge is making a grassroots difference for kids in our communities.

I often get asked if Canadian Hockey Moms is my full-time job. Though I spend much of my time dealing with hockey-related things, I actually have a whole life outside of hockey doing work related to research and evaluation in community and educational settings. The RBC Believe in Kids Pledge touches on the three areas where I am most actively involved, including education, children and youth mental health, and of course, hockey. This is why I am so pleased to be able to share the news about the RBC Believe in Kids Pledge, and I hope you check out the RBC website to learn more about their programs.

Until the next time, Happy Hockey!

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This post content is sponsored by Royal Bank of Canada, however the views and opinions expressed herein represent my own and not those of Royal Bank of Canada or any other party and do not constitute financial, legal or other advice.

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