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Rival Hockey Wear Great for Hockey Moms

Hockey Moms! Have I found something you will enjoy. When I agreed to try out a new brand of hockey lifestyle apparel, I was not sure what I was in for. Sure, the clothing looks good on the website, but what would it look like and more importantly for me, FEEL like when I had it on!

When I received my Rival Hockey wear, I was pleasantly surprised! The two shirts I received met my criteria for gerat rink wear, they were soft, fashionable, and I loved the cut. But would other mothers feel the same way? To test out the clothing, I wore the black, Half-zip thin hoodie with the pink Rival logo to my son’s hockey tournament the next day, where I would spend the whole day with a bunch of Hockey Moms. From the minute I took off my coat, the other mothers were asking where I got my shirt, and once they felt the material, asking where they could get one.

That’s all the endorsement I needed to realize that Rival Hockey is on to something. Rival Hockey was founded by hockey-loving fathers and uncles who are passionate about the game.  Rival Hockey is a ‘lifestyle apparel” company capturing the essence of hockey life in Canada. Inspired by their lives playing, watching, and coaching, they have developed a cool, sophisticated, and stylish line of clothing to bond families who “live at the rink”.

When looking at the hockey market, and everyone who comes to the rink, Rival Hockey noticed that there is not a lot of lifestyle clothing targeted to one of the hardest work person in the family, the mom.  They found that moms are generally ‘keepers’ of the family; they make the purchasing decisions and spend a great deal of their time supporting their children’s activities (at the arena, shopping for necessary items, researching online etc.).

As one mom said at one of their first events,  “About time someone created a fashionable clothing line for women in hockey”. 

I am happy to be able to partner with Rival Hockey to offer Hockey Moms some great deals and the chance to win a family pack of Rival Hockey Wear. You can participate through:

1)       A Giveaway of a Rival Hockey Family Pack. You can sign up HERE for your chance to recieve a family pack!

2)       A Rival Hockey Discount for the first 15 people to email with the subject “Rival Hockey

You can find the Rival Hockey brand at:

-Pro shops: Vaughan Sports Village, Ottawa Sensplex, GRC rink (Canadian Proshop) Chesswood arenas

-On-site arena booths in various cities; Vaughan, Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, and Brantford

-Hockey camps – Power Hockey Academy

-Local sports stores. Toronto Hockey Repair Shop

-For Direct questions, contact:

Comments or questions? Email or leave a message on our Facebook page.

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