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SuperJock Gear for the Super Hockey Kid!

Calling all Hockey Moms of Superhero Kids!

Last year I was contacted by a Canadian owned and operated company called SuperJock to try out their products.   I get contacted by a lot of companies, but this one stood out!

SuperJock makes an number of cool hockey related products such as mouth guards, hockey tape, and hockey underwear, with a twist; they have the brand of a superhero! SuperJock’s goal is to empower kids and excite them about sports. They are all about everyday heroes and see the value in making athletes (youth as well as the not so young!) feel like super heroes on and off the ice.

SuperJock products, officially licensed by Warner Brothers, are edgy, fun, and fresh. There are several super hero products to choose from. One of my sons was decked out in batman long-sleeved under shirt, hockey tape, and a cool mouth guard with a batman emblem right over the front teeth. My other son became “Superman on ice” with his Superhero shirt, tape, and mouth guard (and he told me that his Superman shirt made him play like Superman).

After a few wears I asked my kids their opinion. How were the shirts? Were the mouth guards comfortable?

Both my boys were thrilled with their new stuff. It was fun, it was different, and they loved grinning their batman/superman grins. I appreciated the ease with which the under shirts cleaned, as well as their durability.

SuperJock gear is currently available across Canada in Canadian Tire, most Source for Sports, many independent shops and arena pro shops, and they are also online at The gear will soon be available in the US, and American friends can already find their stuff at

So, if you are looking for something a little different, or want to make your hockey star feel like a super hero, check out!

And, if you are interested in winning a SuperJock Mouth Guard, sign up HERE, we’ll be giving away 3 mouth guards per week for the next four weeks!

Comments or questions? Email or leave a message on our Facebook page.

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