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Teags & Ry Hockey Stick Duffle Bag for Hockey Moms: Giveaway!

I have lovingly been referred to as “The Bag Lady” at the rink. I always have at least one bag, usually more, to carry blankets, snacks, toys, manager stuff including rosters, pens,  and an envelope for collecting money.

You can imagine how thrilled I was when I learned about an ACTUAL hockey bag for Hockey Moms. Like, made for me. With hockey sticks on it, and a little rink pattern inside and everything.  And then…I got to TRY one!

This bag is meant for me. And probably you.

Soft yet decidedly sturdy (this is good quality stuff) the duffle bag I tried is a now staple accessory. It’s no wonder I love it, these bags were designed and developed by ladies who know hockey, sisters-in-law Jayme and Alyse Cullen, owners of Teags and Ry

We’ve created a new way to wear, carry and celebrate HOCKEY at all levels.  Whether you’re lacing up skates for the first time, cheering on a sibling, playing competitively or professionally, we celebrate the sport of hockey and what it brings to our lives on and off the ice,” say Jayme and Alyse.

I love this bag, and I suspect you will as well. I’m so pleased to announce a Hockey Stick Duffle Giveaway for Canadian Hockey Moms!!! The retail value of this duffle bag is $109.

The winner will be announced Saturday, September 10th.


There are three simple steps to enter:

2) Tag a friend

3) Share this post for an added entry

Good luck to all of you!

Comments or questions? Email me at or leave a message on our Facebook Page.

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