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Younique Giveaway for Hockey Moms!

Well, Hockey Moms, I have a new giveaway to offer you that I think you will appreciate, because it is awesome. Though it’s not necessarily hockey related, in some ways it is, because in several conversations with hockey moms at the rinks we have talked about how much you care (or not) what you look like when you get there. I have heard many times that “I only wear mascara”.

Well, for those of you who ONLY wear mascara, or who wear mascara plus whatever else…do I have the BEST MASCARA EVER FOR YOU!!!

I learned about this mascara from a friend and fellow sport parent, Joanne. Joanne is a newbie football parent, mother to two children and three dogs and very involved (volunteer communication director of the local football association). With a 9 year old just starting football, holding down a full time job, and just starting a FB page called “Call me Gluten Free” (a FB page for busy moms trying to manage a gluten free household), she has a lot on the go!

lashes pic

Joanne was intrigued after a friend posted a before and after photo. She bought the mascara and was hooked.  She says, “Mascara is the one makeup I always wear and I save tons of time by applying only one coat and bypassing a curler.”

I got hooked on Younique mascara through Joanne and I have to say it might be my favourite product of all time.

All Younique products are considered naturally-based and a majority of them are considered all-natural.  The mascara is water resistant but comes off with soap and water. As well, 3D Fiber Mascara and many other Younique products are gluten free. Younique also offers vegan products as well.

So, to give you a taste of what this is all about, Joanne will give away

  1. 2 Mascaras (approximate value $35 each). (best mascara ever invented)

  2. 1 Eye-tastic Collection (approximate value $144) (awesome product!)

All you have to do is show up on Monday, June 9th and/or Wednesday, June 11th and respond to the question on our Facebook page!

Also if you order online from Joanne’s page for our Hockey Mom Party, one person will be selected as the Mystery Hostess and will win all the rewards and free Younique dollars from the party

You can contact Joanne with any questions on her facebook page at Lady Luck Lashes.

Comments or questions? Email me at or leave a message on our Facebook Page

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